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Show the name of the feature image and mask on the Statistics view
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On the top of the view I see this:
Mask: <mask node name> [3D Image]

Instead of the "3D Image" (or additionally), it would be useful to display the name of the feature image.

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Stefan, AFAIK the measurement bundle is in you hands now, so I am assigning this bug to you. Please reassign if necessary.

I am trying to reduce the number of my open tickets, but not sure about this.

The change is not important for me any more, since we are using our own statistics plugin. So, it can as well be closed as 'wontfix'. On the other side, the proposed change seems to be useful and easy to implement.

Shall we leave it?

User knorr has pushed new remote branch:


[1521c4]: Merge branch 'bug-11072-ShowNameOfFeatureImageInStatisticsView'

Merged commits:

2014-11-05 15:56:59 Daniel Knorr [74692e]
Added Feature Image Name Above Mask Name.
Therefor, we changed the Layout.