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GPU-based Volume Rendering renders half of the volume
Closed, ResolvedPublic


Steps to reproduce:

-open pic3d
-set property "volumerendering", "volumenrendering.uselod" and "volumerendering.usegpu" on
-only half of the tissue from what should be is rendered

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MITK-1-0 keyword is obsolete, we use Target Milestones in the future.

Attention: We could reproduce this!

Make sure you don't use a Mac! ;)

According to Markus F. this is an old VTK bug and we have our own implementation of the mapper to make it work for ATI graphic cards. We should double-check if the newer versions of VTK support ATI graphic cards and don't have this bug anymore.

This bug could not be fixed within the 2013-06 release and has medium severity. Setting target milestone to unspecified.

We could not reproduce this bug anymore. We think it is fixed with new VTK Release 5.8.