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[NaviBSQ] Clean up after closing/disconnecting ToFUtil
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Closing/disconnecting ToFUtil has two issues:
-Only one of the three images is visible in the renderwindows.
-It cannot be set to invisible
-For kinect, the RBG images is visible and an additional binary images is shown above

My guess would be that the method UseToFVisibilitySettings is setting wrong visibility properties on closing ToFUtil.

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Thomas are you refering to detaching the widget or about disconnecting the Device?

The bug can also be reproduced by detaching the widget while the Cam is still "Connected", OR switching to the Datamanager.

For the Kinect:
The Depth Image jumps into the background and seems to replaced by the RGB-Image, which is now displayed in the "front" of the axial window.

For the CamCube:
The depth image seems to disappear.

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