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mbi log is not thread-safe
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It seems that if a message is written to the mbi-log in a thread and a second thread also tries to write a message an error is shown and the program crashes.

Ways to reproduce:

  • Load QBall-Image: E130-Projekte\NeuroDiffusion\Phantomstudien\Interleaved_90_Small\Phan_3500_047_QA6.qbi
  • Select "Gibbs Tracking"-View
  • Check "Advanced Settings"
  • Set "Particle Weight to approx. 0.012
  • Set "Min. Lenght to 0mm
  • Start with "Start Tractography"

After a random time the error occurs. Mbi-Log shows two messages nested into each other. The error also occurs when using other qbi-images.

fehler1.png (309×479 px, 35 KB)

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Semms to be fixed with Alfreds soon to come merge.

Lets check again after this merge. Should only be a matter of days.

Some more details on this bug:

The three functions in mbilog.cpp are missing necessary thread safety mechanisms:


An example failing scenario is:

(1) At the beginning of main, write some logging output. This block of code in mbilog::DistributeToBackends will be triggered:

if(backends.empty() && (dummyBackend == NULL))
  dummyBackend = new mbilog::BackendCout();

(2) Register a backend:

mbilog::RegisterBackend(new mbilog::BackendCout());

(3) Spawn a bunch of threads (e.g. in an OMP-parallelized for loop) that all immediately write logging information. In mbilog::RegisterBackend more than one (usually) will the next block of code:

else if((backends.size()>1) && (dummyBackend != NULL))
  //if there was added another backend remove the dummy backend and delete it
  delete dummyBackend;
  dummyBackend = NULL;

Since access to the dummyBackend variable is not protected I get glibc double free crashes.

Note that access to the backends static variable also needs to be protected.

Should this 2-year-old bug maybe be a higher priority?

A readers/writer lock would be ideal for best performance, but ITK doesn't seem to provide one (at least not yet...). See this ongoing thread:

Updating target milestone to upcoming release

Writing messages to the mbi-log is thread-safe. The registration/unregistration of backends is not thread-safe, as explained above. To make it thread safe you have to add a mutex lock to the backend list. The problem is that the mbilog-module has no dependencies so far (and shall not get any). Therefore, we cannot use the ITK mutex.

In future versions we can use the C++11 mutex lock. At the moment we are not able to use it because of backwards compatibility. Once we are free of this limitation it will be fixed.

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