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Deactivate ToFPreprocessing widget in ToFUtil when camera is disconnected
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The activation of all widgets in ToFUtil should be toggled by the connection state.

Connected -> activated
Disconnected -> deactivated

Event Timeline

Correctly toggle widget activation for Visualization and Measurement widget.
TODO: Do the same for "surface widget".

[0ad6e2]: Merge branch 'bug-12786-ToggleWidgetActivationWithConnectionstate'

Merged commits:

2012-08-22 15:52:39 Justin Iszatt [b6e931]
Renamed the groupBox_3 -> SurfacePropertiesBox

Disabled the SurfacePropertiesBox while Camera is not started.

2012-08-15 17:30:02 Justin Iszatt [c56ebc]
Toggle widget activation according to connection state of ToF devices