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Datamanager tries to create it recursive
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When the datamanager view is created on start-up, it tries to get a render window in its "CreateQtPartControl" method. If there is none, the method call asks the framework to create a new one and after successfully opening a new render window editor, the framework tries to activate the last active part. If the last active part was the datamanager, the framework knows that it has not fully been created yet, so the "CreatePartControl" method is called. Voila - the recursive attempt to create the datamanager view happened...

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[4aac80]: Merge branch 'bug-12823-RecursiveDataManagerInitizalisation'

Merged commits:

2012-08-08 16:44:29 Michael Goetz [a962b1]
RenderingWindow on Startup created in WorkbenchAd.

During the startup-process RenderingWindow is created in
WorkbenchWindowAdvisor, the DataManager no longer
creates a new Instance of RenderingWindow if no
Window exist.

We are still receiving the error in the console:

"11.72 blueberry.ui.wrkbncPlg: LOG: Warning: Detected recursive attempt by part o
rg.mitk.views.datamanager to create itself (this is probably, but not necessaril
y, a bug)"

in our workbench installer that depends on v2014.03.0.

Also still (again) present in the MITK master.

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