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PluginGenerator ist not working anymore
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The MITKPluginGenerator of the Superbuild is not working anymore.
Downloading the version from the Website works fine

Superbuild -> not working

Webiste-Download -> works

Tested on two Win7-Pcs

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I generated a plugin with both the plugingenerator from the website and from the superbuild. The following CMake Error occurs with both:

Creating CTK plugin org_justin_myplugin
CMake Error at BlueBerry/CMake/MacroInstallCTKPlugin.cmake:49 (install):

install TARGETS given target "org_justin_myplugin" which does not exist in
this directory.

Call Stack (most recent call first):

BlueBerry/CMake/FunctionInstallThirdPartyCTKPlugins.cmake:63 (MACRO_INSTALL_CTK_PLUGIN)
BlueBerry/CMake/FunctionCreateBlueBerryApplication.cmake:173 (FunctionInstallThirdPartyCTKPlugins)
Applications/ExtApp/CMakeLists.txt:28 (FunctionCreateBlueBerryApplication)

Plug-ins which are to be put into the MITK source tree *must* start with "org.mitk". The plug-in name "org.justin.myplugin" is not valid.

We can take this bug report as a starting point to think about a more descriptive error message describing the real problem.

A check for using correct plug-in names has been implemented in the CTK CMake macros and a meaningful error message is now displayed.