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PluginGenerator creates Files with trailing-whitspaces
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The PluginGenerator creates Files with trailing-whitspaces.
This generates errors in the pre-commit hooks.

This whitspaces should be removed.

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Trailing whitespaces generated by plugin generator

Screenshot from 2012-12-03 18:03:18.png (536×998 px, 101 KB)

Very annoying! The documentation also contains trailing whitespaces! This should be an easy fix and could be done by anyone.

New remote branch pushed: bug-12900-PluginGeneratorWhitespaces

[5b5cc3]: Merge branch 'bug-12900-PluginGeneratorWhitespaces'

Merged commits:

2013-01-16 16:47:41 Michael Brehler [68156e]
removed trailing-whitespaces from Licence file