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Crash on loading Kinect-Data-Sets
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Opening Kinect-Data-Sets in the .NRRD-Format,results in a crash of MITK.

The samples i have been using in Debug-Mode can be found here:


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After a mitk-usermail this morning with a similar concern
, i have just tested if the bug still shows up.

As Deqiang says, his Kinect for Windows-Setup is (finally) running well and that he is capable of grabbing the Kinect-Depth-Image, but Mitk fails on replaying recorded Data.

When i tested it i did not -contrary to him- get a "
Error in initializing CVHighGUI video camera!
unable to initialize video grabbing/playback"-Error.
Instead my workbench just crashed.

-> to reproduce my bug, just

  1. Connect to Kinect
  2. Press Play
  3. Use the Recorder to save some Data on your HD
  4. Disconnect
  5. Reconnect to the Mitk-Player and look for you previously recorded files
  6. Press Play-> CRASH

(As itended, the recorder lets us just safe to the .nrrd-format. I will have to check if the Mitk-Player can play .nrrd from other sources)

An other problem of Deqiang could be the fact that he is using the Kinect for Windows, by using a bridge to OpenNI. I do not know enough about this Hack to dismiss it as a reason for his problems.
But at least i can tell, that we are facing almost the same issue.

In fact, using kinect for windows to garb raw data is NOT related to this bug. It seems that this bug has been removed, but i don't know why it still exists.