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Strange behavior of Logging-Plugin on closing and re-opening
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The Logging-Plugin behavios strange if you

  1. Open it and load image-data
  2. Close it
  3. Re-open it

-> As you can see in the attached "LoggingPIC1", the visualisation of the logged events changes dramaticly as the line number per event is decreased to only one line.

If you go one with

  1. Load image-data

The widgets returns to the default output. Everything what happend before 5. will stay in the "on-line"-way. Step 5 can be seen in Image "LoggingPIC2".

Tested on a Win 7 64-bit System

LoggingPIC1.jpg (445×1 px, 321 KB)

Event Timeline

[06e339]: Merge branch 'bug-13017-LoggingPluginRowHeight'

Merged commits:

2012-09-12 16:44:28 Alfred Franz [a282ea]
Now resizing height when ever a row is added or the plugin is shown