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Measurement Interactions ToFUtil do not get deactivated on Disconnect
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If using the ToF-Measurement-Tool in ToFUtil and diconnect your device you can still interact with excisting points and even add new ones.

This should not be possible. Anyway the overlay-text gets deactivated.

Tested on Win7 64 Bit

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Bug just shows up on using PointSet.

As it seems, the corresponding Widget is not (de-)activated as it should.

While stopping the video-stream, the ToFMeasurment-Section of ToFUtil gets deactivated but we remain capable of setting new points and interact with already existing ones.

After restarting the stream (and the automated reactivation of the ToFMeasurement-Section), the PointSet-Widget seems to be still activated.

This gets altered on Dis- and Reconnecting the Device.

The bug might be easily fixed by deactivating all Widgets (expect the ToFPlayer/Recorder) on "Connect" and "Disconnect".

New remote branch pushed: bug-13046-MeasurementInteractionsToFUtilDoNotWork

[a41e66]: Merge branch 'bug-13046-MeasurementInteractionsToFUtilDoNotWork'

Merged commits:

2012-11-07 16:41:36 Alexander Seitel [30888f]
Bug through copy and past. Solved and did some changes on Gui-Element