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Several tooltipping adjustments ought to be made.
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Tooltips appear in unexpected places due to long labels with sidely aligned text. Tooltip entries are not formulated in a consistent manner, i.e. leading capitals, record endings and unintended indents. Some entries might be reformulated for stilistic reasons. For the Threshold- and Bell-Tabs, different tooltips for activated and unactivated cases should be considered, because tooltips for unactivated tabs describe widgets which are only visualized in the activated case.

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I have no clue how this should be related to rendering (we don't have any kind of "ToolTipMapper" :) ). I assume this is either performed by Qt or BlueBerry???

@Sascha can you say anything to this?

@Michael Brehler: In my plugins I like to use tool tips and never experienced your behavior. Can you please provide more information for this? (e.g. Screenshot etc.)

What can I say? The one who creates the tooltip (View implementation, Qt Widget in a module, etc.) is "responsible"...

For clarification: this bug relates to the Volume Visualization plugin.

In the tooltip for "Threshold" there is something missing I guess.
"... with a horizontal move the center of the function left or right"

This would be right I guess:
"... with a horizontal move the center of the function moves to the left or right"

Updating target milestone to upcoming release

[19b84e]: Merge branch 'bug-13153-TooltippingAdjustments'

Merged commits:

2013-02-20 15:04:07 Tobias Norajitra [419cab]
Tooltipping adjustments made.

New remote branch pushed: bug-13153-TooltippingAdjustments