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Preprocessing: MultishellFilter - multiple image shell selection should be clean after deselction
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Load more than one Image
Dragging a rectangle over the images to mark them
Deselect the selection

Multishell shellselection should be clean!

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ok. got it :)
but can't reproduce. maybe this is fixed due to my recent changes to the selection mechanism.

was not fixed.

I meant: "Load the same image several times."

[cd3a0a]: Merge branch 'bug-13191-PreprocessingViewMultishellFix'

Merged commits:

2012-09-28 13:41:56 Jonas Cordes [09be29]
set shellSelectionMap key to const mitk::Datanode *; instead of Nodename

Block removed: T13138 - MITK Diffusion 2012b Release