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Crash - convert phantom picture (short) to rgba
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*Create a phantom with "DWI Software Phantoms"
*Open the Connectomics View
*Go to Network Operations
*Select the phantom and click "Convert to RGBA"

(Convert to RGBA should work for short images)

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The problem is not the fact, that it is a short image, but that it is a diffusion image.

While a diffusion image it can still be treated as a usual image (the channels are just ignored). The real error was an offset, that was calculated but not used... this would work fine as long as images had a minimal value of zero, which all images we used before did have.

[ad9d76]: Merge branch 'bug-13255-fix-rgba-crash'

Merged commits:

2012-09-26 15:58:49 Caspar Goch [61dfb8]
Offset was defined, but not used for images were the lowest value is not exactly zero

2012-09-26 15:08:01 Caspar Goch [334c1f]
Merge branch 'bug-13236-fix-lookuptable-not-found-crash' into releases/MITK-Diffusion_2012b