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Numerical QBall-reconstruction leads to crash if too few gradients in the image
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When using a .dwi with too few gradients for qball-reconstruction using the numerical methode the whole application crashes.

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should already be fixed, but maybe lost during some merge action. i will look into this.

works for me. maybe fixed. can anyone confirm?

Bug still occur, using current master on win64. Used image ivim_save.dwi for testing.

Application crash with Error Message ODF corrupted: GetPrincipleDiffusionDirection returned -1

line 733: itkOrientationDistributionFunction.txx

[2d49f5]: Merge branch 'bug-13302-NumReconCrash'

Merged commits:

2012-10-10 15:24:51 Peter Neher [6bad77]
filling odf with zeros if it contains nan