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Dicom import overwrites files without asking
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If an output folder is set during the Dicom import, the output is saved in this folder, regardless if existing files are overwritten. Better would be to add a counter number to file name.

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(1) add 'Override existing files' checkbox to the GUI - if checked, the same behaviour as now

(2) if not checked, generate unique filename by appending an integer value to to the filename

New remote branch pushed: bug-13303-Dicom-import-overriding-files

[5e523b]: Merge branch 'bug-13303-Dicom-import-overriding-files'

Merged commits:

2012-12-18 13:04:13 Jan Hering [2e1b8f]
Controlling overriding output files from dicom import

  • add checkbox to gui if overriding allowed
  • if not, it is checked whether the file to be written exists and the
  • name is extended by smalles possible integer i _<i>