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Tbss Skeletionizer leads to application crash
Closed, ResolvedPublic


Loading a new Image when Tbss skeletionizer is visible can lead to a crash.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open Tbss Skeletionizer
  • Restart Application
  • Close Skeletionizer
  • Select a different view
  • Load an Image

--> Application crashes with memory access violation in


Event Timeline

View is not included in release, so this bug should not block 13788

The same problem occures with with TractbasedSpatialStatisticsView

[8d24ca]: Merge branch 'bug-13425-crashWhenViewIsClosed'

Merged commits:

2013-04-30 16:59:01 Thomas Van Bruggen [1452a2]
changed selection mechanism to prevent crash

2013-04-30 15:50:27 Thomas Van Bruggen [434a0b]
modified selection mechanism to work without ISelectionListener