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Jumping to selected planar figure is not working any more
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If you select a previously drawn planar figure the slice in the related render window should jump to the slice in which the figure is placed.

This doesn't work any more. All that happens is that the axial view is set to the first slice.

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Apparently the jumping is working for the axial slice but not for the other ones

New remote branch pushed: bug-13506-JumpToPf

I tried out you branch Peter but I had a lot of troubles and weird behaviour if the PF is drawn in the topmost axial slice. In this case it is not jumped to the PF Position and the axial slice cannot be moved beyond the middle slice in upward direction any more.

Maybe we can take a look at it together.

Updating target milestone to upcoming release

Current release is finished. Reseting target milestone...

Seemed to be a temporary issue since it works since "years".

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