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[NaviBQS] Kinect IR Recordings dont work propably
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Xiao Deqiang of the Mitk-Userlist pointed out, that users can not play files recorded using the IR-Mode of the Kinect.

The bug itselfs seems to be all about the file structure generated by the Recorder.
While all Devices need a DinstanceDataNode(ToF:needs Amplitude + Intensity-Node), depending on the selected AcquisitionMode the Kinect generates either a RGB or an IR-ImageStream.
If selecting the IR-Mode, there is no respective DataNode.

A fix should be to modify the recorder to check for RGB or IR-Properties of ToFUtil and to add a "kinect"ending tod the saved files. This should permit us to play the IR-Files saved in the "AmplitudeImage".

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New remote branch pushed: bug-13592-KinectIRRecordingsDoNotWorkPropably

bug-13592-KinectIRRecordingsDoNotWorkPropably seems still exists in the latest version of MITK, update "void QmitkToFUtilView::OnToFCameraStarted()" in file QmitkToFUtilView.cpp (..\MITK\Plugins\org.mitk.gui.qt.tofutil\src\internal\QmitkToFUtilView.cpp) as this patch and this bug can be removed.

Justin, what has been done here already? Can we merge your branch to the master?

kislinsk added a subscriber: kislinsk.
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