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Default calibration files for all cameras
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Currently, the default intrinsics in every filter are for the PMD camcube. This is very unfortunate for users who want to work with other cameras. The micro services can easily be used to write properties (service props) containing default calibration files for each device. These files can be set afterwards in ToFUtil for each filter.

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Finally merged branch that calibration file can be specified OnConnect. Please update to newest version before implementing this feature. (See T6888).

I guess this is no big deal, but if it is necessary to add a dependency to mitkCameraCalibration for mitkToFHardware for this bug.

I added the first calibration files to MITK-Data/ToF-Data/CalibrationFiles/. The property can be set in each corresponding factory in createToFCameraDevice() like this:

ToFCameraDevice::Pointer createToFCameraDevice()

  KinectDevice::Pointer device = KinectDevice::New();

//new code

mitk::CameraIntrinsics::Pointer cameraIntrinsics = mitk::CameraIntrinsics::New();
std::string pathToDefaulCalibrationFile(MITK_TOF_DATA_DIR);
device->SetProperty("CameraIntrinsics", mitk::CameraIntrinsicsProperty::New(cameraIntrinsics));

//end new code

return device.GetPointer();


New remote branch pushed: bug-14224-DefaultCalibrationFiles

I pushed a branch where everything works fine for the kinect. Justin could you take over from here and do it for all the cameras? You can take the camcube parameters from the current master and ask Sven for other parameter files for the other cameras.

[9d64a6]: Merge branch 'bug-14224-DefaultCalibrationFiles'

Merged commits:

2013-02-14 10:12:23 Justin Iszatt [c00b8d]
changed the revisionTag to fit to the new mitk data

2013-02-05 16:22:05 Justin Iszatt [8b755c]
Managed to get the default Calibrations implemented. Going to push the
needed Calib Files in MITK DATA

2013-01-31 10:26:49 Justin Iszatt [9aa8c9]
Got default Parameters for CamCube2 CamBoard and MesaSr4000. Implemented
Them as for the Kinect

2013-01-16 18:41:59 Thomas Kilgus [f07b24]
First example implemtation for the Kinect. Could be done the same way for all other devices.