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define file names for output generated in command line module during run time
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Currently an explicit and complete file name (including extension) needs to be given in the command line module to be able to directly load output images to MITK.

It would be great if an output file name could be generated by the external software that is included during run time to allow output in user specified data formats (change of extension).

In addition it would be great to be able to use a given prefix for file names defined in the Command line module generated GUI and use predefined output file names. These file names could for example be defined in the XML file used to generate the GUI.

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Do you mean:

Output file prefix = someDirectory/myOutput
(with no file extension).

Command line program then generates:



and the CLI plugin then scans the output directory someDirectory/ for any file starting with myOutput, and loads any that it can?


This would solve case 1.

The second problem is something like:

Output file prefix = someDirectory/pref

Commandline generates:


scanning would the either load all thins starting with "someDirectory/pref" or a configuration mechanism would allow to define what the final names will be, since this is usually predefined in the program that will be run.

Going back to this .... I still can't quite understand your two use-cases. I don't understand your description of option 1. Then I gave a description of what I thought you mean in the second half of your first email. Then you said this would solve case 1... which was a surprise as i didn't understand it!!!

Please can you try again, describing all your use cases with specific examples?

Many thanks


Hi Matt,

sorry I missed the last line in your example. You are right your example covers the 2nd case.


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