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error while building usResourceCompiler due to compiler flag
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config: gcc 4.6.1. on ubuntu 11.10, MITK tag v2013.03

behaviour: build fails in target usResourceCompiler with the following error:

cc1: error: command line option "-fvisibility-inlines-hidden" is valid for C++/ObjC++ but not for C

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btw its a warning but treated as error

cc1: all warnings being treated as errors

Please trigger a super-build. This has been fixed a while ago.

hmm this was a complete rebuild

will try again anyway ... and write the result here

clean superbuild failed again
same on my nightly: http://mbits/cdash/viewBuildError.php?buildid=183716

any good idea before i start investigating again??

I did a clean superbuild on Ubuntu 10.04 with gcc 4.4.x and it compiled successfully. I would be interested in looking at your set-up (later today?).

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did you find a solution for this problem? i am facing exactly the same problem.

hi tobias,

yes we figured out that the CMake version is important, with the latest version (2.8.12) it works fine. but sascha works on it to make it downward compatible again.

but as a quick fix: install the latest cmake version and it should work

hi michael,

thank you for your fast answer. there is only one little uncertainty: your wrote you are
using cmake 2.8.12 but the latest version i can find on is 2.8.10.

sorry typo, 2.8.10 should also work

it seems the failure is in my case somewhere else. i downloaded the new cmake version, deleted the cmake cache and generated the project again but still the same error. my config: gcc 4.7.2., ubuntu 12.10, MITK v2013.03, cmake

is it possible for you to do a clean superbuild again. no expert in cmake, sometimes the generated make files do not get refreshed although the cache had been deleted

unfortunately still the same. as a temporal solution i removed -fvisibility-inlines-hidden from the cflags.

Maybe a german locale? See T14937 comment 3

Very likely a duplicate. Re-open if it still occurs.