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Otsu segmentation does not work on brain mri
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Steps to reproduce:

  • Open release application 2013.03
  • Open DICOM Editor and choose "Import Folder"
  • Select E130-Daten/3M3 Demodaten/Dicom/3m3dicom
  • Open Image Gehirntumor from list after import is completed
  • Select Otsu segmenation -> nothing happens

If you run the application via console you get the following message:

#16.165# [IContextMenuAction] ERROR: /Users/mes/dartclients/MITKrelease/MITK-Superbuild-Release-nightly/ITK-src/Code/Numerics/Statistics/itkDenseFrequencyContainer.cxx:84:
itk::ERROR: DenseFrequencyContainer(0x127069900): Frequency container saturated for Instance