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Crash in ToFUtil Plugin after click on "Connect" an without selecting a device
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Reproduce: X64 but should be the same on w32. MITK v2013.03.0 debug and release.
Start ToFUtil plugin. Only MITK Player is shown in the device list and nothing is selected. Then click onto "Connect" button. QmitkToFConnectionWidget.cpp line 149 cases a crash after a null pointer for the device was returned. Catching this instance will resolve the bug.

if (device == NULL) {

MITK_ERROR << "No TOF device selected in list.";


should solve it.

;) Ingmar

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New remote branch pushed: bug-14902-CrashInToFConnectionWidgetWhenNoDeviceIsSelected

[efed89]: Merge branch 'bug-14902-CrashInToFConnectionWidgetWhenNoDeviceIsSelect

Merged commits:

2013-04-16 09:56:18 Alexander Seitel [9960b5]
Check if device is selected before trying to connect