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Update Interaction implementation of Segmentation module to current version
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Update to new Interaction concept introduced with MITK 2012-12

The implementation of the all Segmentation Tools is based on the old deprecated version of the concept.

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What is the status of this bug? Please change the target milestone to "AfterNextRelease" if this bug is not relevant or cannot be fixed in time for the 2013-06 release.

This bug could not be fixed for release 2013-06. Setting target milestone to next release

Markus has worked on this during the hackfest. See T16651

The tools have been ported to the new Interaction-Framework during the hackfest. The necessary changes have been made in branch 'bug-16651-tools-have-been-adapted-to-new-interaction-framework'.

Preliminary tests seemed to work fine for all tools in debug mode.

In release mode however, the segmentation bundle wouldn't start because of an unhandled exception that I was unable to find so far. As far as I know, this remains the only issue.

Unfortunately I will not be able to invest any time in the coming month. I think the best way to find the issue would be to set up a development environment that supports a release-with-debug-info build.

Andreas, can you take the issue from here? I would gladly support you as much as I can!

The changes have been integrated into the multi label segmentation, see T15696.
The testing and final integration will be done together with this feature

The LivewireTool still is completely based on the old interaction and refers to this bug. I was unaware that this is still the case - was there no work done in this direction ?

Just talked with Tobias, Livewire is merged to the new Interaction, but afterwards a ContourModelInteractor has been introduced that allows adding/removing points one the contour is finished - and only this part is not yet merged.

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