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The GUI for the programs integrated with the command line tool is not generated correctly
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In the program built with packaging the GUI for software integrated with the command line tool is not generated correctly.

I get the following error "QFormBuilder was unable to create a widget of the class 'ctkCollapsibleGroupBox'."

This only happens in the version generated by running PACKAGE, running from VisualStudio or the exe generated on building is ok.

Do I need to do some additional configuration, or this a bug?


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Thats caused by the qt-designer plugin for the CTK widgets not being available.

Out of interest, what sort of executable are you running? and how is that deployed?

The final "integration" piece into MITK will still need some work. i.e. how does your command line app itself get deployed and bundled?


Hi Matt,

I was told to build PACKAGE that’s what I did.
This way I generated a standalone application from the last release source code.

I tried the standalone on the same computer and get the problems.


This bug has a high severity and was not fixed within the 2013-06 release. Setting target milestone to next release.

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I think the problem was related to switching between debug and release builds on Windows and somehow using the wrong Qt designer plug-in.

Re-open this bug if the problem still occurs.

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