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DWI data cannot be forwarded to software connected to by the command line tool
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Currently diffusion images (ending on *.dwi) cannot be selected in image selectors in GUIs generated by the Commandline-Tool. Even though they are in the data manager, they cannot be selected in the drop down menu.

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The reason for this is the predicate setting in CTK (QmitkUiLoader.cpp, line 55)

If NodePredicateDataType is "DiffusionImage" the diffusion data is accepted (but no other images).

A first attempt in concatenating both did not work:

Is there another way to include images and all derived image classes?

works if NodePredicateOr is used to concatinate

zelzer added a subscriber: zelzer.Jun 25 2013, 6:09 PM

You could try the templated TNodePredicateDataType predicate. It should work for all derived classes of the given template parameter.


zelzer added a comment.Jul 3 2013, 2:20 PM

New remote branch pushed: bug-14986-support-all-image-types-in-cmdlinetool

zelzer added a comment.Jul 6 2013, 4:20 PM

[ca50c6]: Merge branch 'bug-14986-support-all-image-types-in-cmdlinetool'

Merged commits:

2013-07-03 14:18:56 Sascha Zelzer [e770b5]
Consider the fileExtensions attribute when saving images for cmd line modules.

2013-07-03 14:18:14 Sascha Zelzer [d88e8d]
Show all mitk::Image types (also derived types) in the combo box.

2013-07-03 14:17:33 Sascha Zelzer [84c0df]
Merge branch 'bug-15480-add-savebasedata-in-ioutil' into bug-14986-support-all-image-types-in-cmdlinetool