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Fix IGT code after ITK 4 integration
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Some tests are failing after ITK 4 was integrated into MITK:

High priority:
148 - mitkNavigationDataTest (Failed)
152 - mitkNavigationDataSourceTest (Failed)
154 - mitkNavigationDataToNavigationDataFilterTest (Failed)

Middle priority:
151 - mitkNavigationDataSequentialPlayerTest (Failed)

Normal priority:
146 - mitkNavigationDataLandmarkTransformFilterTest (Failed)
153 - mitkNavigationDataToMessageFilterTest (Failed)
155 - mitkNavigationDataToPointSetFilterTest (SEGFAULT)
156 - mitkNavigationDataTransformFilterTest (Failed)

... fix this bugs and make the tests running again.

Event Timeline

New remote branch pushed: bug-15012-FixIGTCodeForITK4

Some of the bugs were fixed and will be merged to the master soon. For all other separate bugs were added, here is an overview:

High priority:
148 - mitkNavigationDataTest (Failed) FIXED
152 - mitkNavigationDataSourceTest (Failed) FIXED
154 - mitkNavigationDataToNavigationDataFilterTest (Failed) => T15017

Middle priority:
151 - mitkNavigationDataSequentialPlayerTest (Failed) => T15020

Normal priority:
146 - mitkNavigationDataLandmarkTransformFilterTest (Failed) => T15021
153 - mitkNavigationDataToMessageFilterTest (Failed) FIXED
155 - mitkNavigationDataToPointSetFilterTest (SEGFAULT) => T15022
156 - mitkNavigationDataTransformFilterTest (Failed) => T15023

[1cbc5e]: Merge branch 'bug-15012-FixIGTCodeForITK4'

Merged commits:

2013-04-24 18:20:20 Alfred Franz [06dbb5]
COMP (#15012): Commented out two tests because of T15022 and T15023

2013-04-24 18:09:57 Alfred Franz [475ae3]
COMP (#15012): Commented out mitkNavigationDataSequentialPlayerTest because of T15020

2013-04-24 18:09:21 Alfred Franz [ee7635]
COMP (#15012): Commented out small part of the test because of T15021

2013-04-24 17:36:26 Alfred Franz [fe89f4]
COMP (#15012): Adapted test to ITK 4 / commented out some lines of code, see T15017 for details

2013-04-24 16:51:32 Alfred Franz [ac692a]
COMP (#15012): Adapted classes to renaming on method Get/SetTimeStamp()

2013-04-24 16:43:37 Alfred Franz [6fd26d]
COMP (#15012): Adapted test to new method name "GetIGTTimestamp()"

What is the status of this bug? Please change the target milestone to "AfterNextRelease" if this bug is not relevant or cannot be fixed in time for the 2013-06 release.

This bug could not be fixed for release 2013-06. Setting target milestone to next release

The remaining bugs/tests are now fixed, too. Alfred, please have a look, if this bug can now be closed.

... all tests are running again

Thus, ITK 4 migration of the IGT module is finished. Thanks to all helpers!

Closing this bug.