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IGT: SetInput(x,NULL) is not removing the output any more
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Since the ITK 4 integration the method SetInput(x,NULL) is not removing the corresponding output any more.

This behaviour is tested in the test mitkNavigationDataToNavigationDataFilter test (line 100), and has to be fixed. Maybe there is another new method for removing the outputs, which can be used instead.

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New remote branch pushed: bug-15017-IGTSetInputNULLIsNotRemovingTheOutputAnymore

[0fa1e5]: Merge branch 'bug-15017-IGTSetInputNULLIsNotRemovingTheOutputAnymore'

Merged commits:

2013-06-05 16:34:29 Keno Maerz [3adb97]
Made NavigationDataToNavigationDataFilter use new RemoveInput Method from ITK 4 and re-enabled tests

This was a simple fix: ITK4 now has a removeInput() Method that performs security checks formerly performed by us.

I removed our checks and referred to the ITK4 Method instead.