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FunctionCreateBlueBerryApplication.cmake should provide ability to ignore or override the generation of start${_APP_NAME}_${BUILD_TYPE}.bat
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For third party developers, it would be useful to provide the ability to enable third parties to generate the start${_APP_NAME}_${BUILD_TYPE}.bat file however they wish. For example, we have 3 apps, in 3 different folders, and we want to write our own CMake Configure command to generate these batchfiles in a common way for all apps, and do not want to place a template file in each directory.

However, we currently cant do this, as we generate our own one, and then it is overwritten by the one generated by FunctionCreateBlueBerryApplication.cmake. Strangely, we would expect CMake to order things differently so that our one is generated last, but thats another matter.

So, a simple solution might be to only generate the batch file, if the template batch file exists in the same directory.


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[7b4a24]: Merge branch 'bug-15077-enable-override-startapp-batch-script'

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2013-05-07 21:02:04 Matt Clarkson [77e9c1]
Check for existence of start<_APP_NAME>