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finish plot functionality with fibers
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QmitkTractbasedSpatialStatistics offers the possibility of plotting 4D data using fiber tracking results. This should either be tested and documented or removed.

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New remote branch pushed: bug-15319-fiberPlot

[2d53b1]: Merge branch 'bug-15319-fiberPlot'

Merged commits:

2013-06-18 15:27:16 Thomas Van Bruggen [cb3755]
reinstated an important piece of code

2013-06-18 12:11:51 Thomas Van Bruggen [e2b252]

2013-06-17 16:24:04 Thomas Van Bruggen [5fa8b7]
fixed distinction between bundle plot on 3d image and on 4d tbss data set

2013-06-17 15:47:19 Thomas Van Bruggen [5fdd27]

2013-06-17 13:47:37 Thomas Van Bruggen [a8c7b9]
extended fiber plot functionality to 4d tbss data

2013-06-11 16:38:08 Thomas Van Bruggen [8170b5]

2013-06-11 14:52:17 Thomas Van Bruggen [25e295]
separated creation of plottable tract data from the actual plot method for reuse

2013-06-11 14:51:21 Thomas Van Bruggen [313373]
removed code for plotting preprocessed data, since this is no longer used