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Import DWI images as diffusion image without using special dicom app
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If possible (diffusionDicomReader is registered) the data should be imported as diffusion image by default.

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TODO: the correct Reader has to be selected
How and where should this be done?

In mitkDicomSeriesReader.cpp there were numerous "changes" due to auto-formatting in VisualStudio. Relevant changes are the new method IsDWI (line 561ff) and the section where this method is called in GetSeries (line 1372ff). This is also where the reader probably needs to be set.

nolden added a subscriber: nolden.Jul 16 2013, 3:22 PM

Could you regenerate the patch with "git diff -b" or even "git diff -w" to ignore space changes?

diff off previous patch without white space changes

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