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Make MITK compatible with VTK 6.0
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New remote branch pushed: bug-15849-VTK6MigrationMitkCore

New remote branch pushed: bug-15849-VTK6Migration

in branch bug-15849-VTK6Migration i started with the migration by applying all of the trivial changes in mitkCore. A "VTK6_TODO" comment is added to all the classes where the functionality is no longer ensured.

workbench compiles and starts, but none of the mappers work

New remote branch pushed: bug-15849-VTK6Migration_IntegrationNov13

New remote branch pushed: bug-15849-VTK6Migration_IntegrationDec04

I looked at the branch, looks good to me. I also renamed the VTK6 Wiki page to make it public.

[714150]: Merge branch 'bug-15849-VTK6Migration_IntegrationDec04'

Merged commits:

2013-12-06 16:59:15 Andreas Fetzer [c3c1a0]
Removed vtk 5.10 patch which is no longer neccessary for vtk 6.x

2013-12-05 14:27:10 Christoph Kolb [276736]
migration fixes

2013-12-04 15:57:33 Christoph Kolb [bdde0b]
Merge branch 'bug-15849-VTK6Migration_IntegrationNov13' into bug-15849-VTK6Migration_IntegrationDec04


2013-12-04 15:05:20 Christoph Kolb [624016]
VTK url

2013-12-04 14:57:22 Christoph Kolb [525c4e]
ACVD VTK6 migration

2013-11-27 15:50:44 Christoph Kolb [e0d3ba]
migrate plugins

2013-11-27 15:09:13 Christoph Kolb [03ec14]
repaired several pipeline connections

2013-11-20 17:26:17 Christoph Kolb [719115]
fix output information of mitkLevelWindowFilter

2013-11-20 15:49:25 Christoph Kolb [f6bbfd]
fixed pipeline update

2013-11-20 15:48:42 Christoph Kolb [b257fb]
Merge branch 'bug-15849-VTK6Migration' into bug-15849-VTK6Migration_IntegrationNov13


2013-11-13 15:41:42 Christoph Kolb [50ee5c]
fix typo

2013-11-13 15:39:40 Christoph Kolb [cf19b2]
fix VTK6_TODO regarding update

2013-11-13 15:21:10 Christoph Kolb [06d834]
enable instantiators which are needed for GLSL support

2013-11-13 13:37:06 Christoph Kolb [522b27]
trivial Pipeline changes

2013-10-31 15:48:02 Christoph Kolb [750084]
disable widgets which depend on QCharts

2013-10-31 15:45:38 Christoph Kolb [68ffdd]

2013-10-31 15:45:20 Christoph Kolb [63609e]
add QWebkit Dependencies for vtk. possibly not nescessary

2013-10-30 19:56:19 Christoph Kolb [7c30d7]
vtkVersionMacros have to be included to enable VTK_MAJOR_VERSION

2013-10-30 19:55:46 Christoph Kolb [355f41]
added VTK6_TODO: unclear function

2013-10-30 19:55:16 Christoph Kolb [af4650]
vtk5/6 Pipeline changes with VTK6_TODO

2013-10-30 19:54:48 Christoph Kolb [e94bc5]
vtkVersionMacros.h has to be included to provide version defines

2013-10-30 19:54:16 Christoph Kolb [e991f8]
vtkVolumeRenderingFactory does not exist in vtk6

2013-10-30 19:53:26 Christoph Kolb [d684af]
renamed execute functions to RequestData

2013-10-30 19:52:44 Christoph Kolb [5e810d]
Build system changes to use QVTK in vtk6

2013-10-30 19:06:31 Christoph Kolb [2dadb6]
VTK5/6 Pipeline changes. lookout for VTK6_TODO

2013-10-30 16:16:58 Christoph Kolb [07ba44]
Add TestingRendering and GUI Support to VTK

2013-10-30 15:55:23 Christoph Kolb [780cdf]
Vtk5/6 Pipeline changes

2013-10-30 15:52:06 Christoph Kolb [9db2fb]
VTK5/6 Pipeline changes

2013-10-30 15:51:39 Christoph Kolb [e35715]
migrated to renamed vtkLibraries. there are probably too much added now

2013-10-30 14:49:00 Christoph Kolb [4a50e2]
VTK5/6 Pipline changes. lookout for VTK6_TODO

2013-10-30 14:35:13 Christoph Kolb [457c7c]
VTK6_TODO : vtkMitkLevelWindowFilter should be fixed and tested

2013-10-30 14:28:11 Christoph Kolb [cf88ea]
VTK5/6 Pipeline changes

2013-10-30 14:26:22 Christoph Kolb [fcdf76]
Rename and delete deprecated VTK Macros

2013-10-30 14:22:17 Christoph Kolb [5d3088]

2013-10-30 14:21:14 Christoph Kolb [053299]
Change AllocateScalars method in mitkImageDataItem

2013-10-30 14:20:44 Christoph Kolb [f940be]
unfinished VTK 5/6 Pipeline changes. Lookout for VTK6_TODO !

2013-10-30 14:08:22 Christoph Kolb [9c3efd]
Unfinished VTK5/6 Pipeline changes. lookout for "VTK6_TODO"

2013-10-30 13:58:35 Christoph Kolb [65122f]
Replace deprecated vtkFloatingPointType with double

[f99390]: Merge branch 'bug-15849-VTK6Migration_IntegrationDec04'

Merged commits:

2013-12-06 18:04:27 Christoph Kolb [f47f8a]
COMP: change ACDV cmake version to 2.8.5

[15ffd8]: Merge branch 'bug-15849-VTK6Migration_IntegrationDec04'

Merged commits:

2013-12-09 19:37:33 Sascha Zelzer [72dedc]
COMP: Fix static initialization order problem with VTK6.

[a58094]: Merge branch 'bug-15849-VTK6Migration_IntegrationDec04'

Merged commits:

2013-12-09 20:15:19 Sascha Zelzer [daccef]
COMP: Always add resources, even if NO_INIT is given.

[808201]: Merge branch 'bug-15849-VTK6Migration_IntegrationDec04'

Merged commits:

2013-12-10 00:58:11 Sascha Zelzer [d83ba2]
COMP: Temporarily disabled four rendering tests

  • mitkImageVtkMapper2D_binaryTestImage640x480
  • mitkImageVtkMapper2D_binaryTestImageWithRef640x480
  • mitkImageVtkMapper2D_pic3dOpacity640x480
  • mitkTextOverlay2DLayouterRenderingTest_ball

2013-12-10 00:57:05 Sascha Zelzer [ea4703]
COMP: Avoid premature deletion of the vtkMarchingCubes instance.

2013-12-10 00:56:28 Sascha Zelzer [69acc0]
COMP: Use a pipeline connection for the stencil.

[cc7d4d]: Merge branch 'bug-15849-VTK6Migration_IntegrationDec04'

Merged commits:

2013-12-10 01:11:07 Sascha Zelzer [86997f]
COMP: prevent commented test from being used for setting properties.

[b21f08]: Merge branch 'bug-15849-VTK6Migration_IntegrationDec04'

Merged commits:

2013-12-11 12:15:07 Christoph Kolb [f661bd]
remove unnecessary update calls