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Create user manual for clipping plane view
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The clipping plane view does not have a user manual - create one!

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New remote branch pushed: bug-15851-CreateClippingPlaneUserManual

Current release is finished. Resetting target milestone

User metzger has pushed new remote branch:


[12918b]: Merge branch 'bug-15851-ClippingPlaneManualIntegration'

Merged commits:

2014-08-28 11:02:03 Jasmin Metzger [7c6158]
Changed the link in the segmentation manual to the clipping plane manual.
Add/Moved the images for the clipping plane manual into the segmentation user manual folder.

2014-08-27 14:46:49 Jasmin Metzger [947102]
Merge branch 'bug-15851-CreateClippingPlaneUserManual' into bug-15851-ClippingPlaneManualIntegration


2013-10-30 13:44:25 Nico Riecker [536727]
added some explanations

2013-10-23 14:23:18 Nico Riecker [11d525]
Finished the clipping plane manual

Scaled the images and modified the section-references

2013-10-23 10:09:49 Nico Riecker [b68b4f]
modified some files for clipping plane user manual

2013-10-17 09:39:46 Nico Riecker [ab2aa4]
created user manual but isnt integrated correctly

[61c0c9]: Merge branch 'bug-15851-ClippingPlaneManualFix'

Merged commits:

2014-08-28 13:36:06 Jasmin Metzger [c141ce]
Resize the icon image and rename the "perspectiv" naming to "view"