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Save/Load transfer functions
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The VolumeVisualization functionality does not allow to save and restore transfer functions that took a long time to generate.

Jens Poxleitner implemented serialization of TFs in QmitkDesignGalleries. This should be easy to port to VolumeVisualization.

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Should only be implemented for the Qt4 version

This bug will be assimilated.

Resistance is futile

You requested a core change but I cannot find the change request file. Could you please attach it?

added a changeRequest file the traditional way

ChangeRequest TransferFunction in a better format

ChangeRequest TransferFunction :-)

Could you describe how this affects MITK core? Sounds like it is a bundle/functionality problem only.

newest changeRequest

You'll create the unit test in parallel, right?

What's the status of loading/saving transfer functions? Is that 1.0 relevant?

@Markus, Sabrina: Is this maybe a duplicate and already fixed?