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Refactor mitkSurfaceTest
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The mitkSurfaceTest have to be refactored. What could be the new test cases?
At the moment the 'SetVtkPolyData', 'Expand', TimeSlicedGeometry access and BoundingBox mechanisms are tested.

Test cases for the methods

  • Expand
  • ExecuteOperation
  • CalculateBoundingBox
  • Set/GetPolyData
  • Graft

are planed.

What should else be tested? On what should be paid particular attention to?

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I think the test still uses the old test macros. These should be replaced by the new ones.

This is one of the main reasons ;-) (... Depends on 11925)

New remote branch pushed: bug-15991-refactorSurfaceTest

A good concept is needed. Reset status to CONFIRMEND.
Until now, the most functionality is covered by surface equal test methods.