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Implement a controller for Segmentation module.
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SegmentationController will handle all results of the segmentation tools. The controller will accept both mitkImages as well as mitkContourModels and forwards them to the according service.

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New remote branch pushed: bug-16004-SegmentationController

Controller class is responsible for handling the result of segmentation tools and also the working and the reference image. So far only AcceptSegmetation methods have been implemented. All methods from SegTool2D were extracted and marked as deprecated. The handling of the image has been moved to T16212

A provider class ensures a single instance of SegmentationController for the segmentation plugin.

Reopen bug.
Controller is not working as intended.
Storing of contours has been moved to segmentation data type so AcceptSegmentation methods of SegmentationController have to be redesigned.

New remote branch pushed: bug-16004-SegmentationController-integration

Controller handles segmentation image data (reference and working image). ToolManager gets a controller as member and passes all image requests to controller object. Thus the application can use several different ToolManager and SegmentationController instances at the same time.

Waiting for interaction testing framework to test tools with segmentation controller.

See T16871 and T16651 (bug-16651-tools-have-been-adapted-to-new-interaction-framework)

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