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different results from mitkTractAnalyzer on linux and mac
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the mitkTractAnalyzerTest provides different results on mac than on linux (which is why the test crashed previously. Currently some lines in the test are commented to prevent the dashboard from being red. They must be commented out as soon as this discrepancy is fixed.

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New remote branch pushed: bug-16015-tractAnalyzerMacResults

added some debug info. testdriver should be started with the following arguments:

./QuantificationTestDriver mitkTractAnalyzerTest /local/MITK/MITK-Data/DiffusionImaging/mean_FA_skeleton.nii.gz /local/MITK/MITK-Data/DiffusionImaging/tbssRoiPointset.mps /local/MITK/MITK-Data/DiffusionImaging/roi_cc.roi

[63da5b]: Merge branch 'bug-16015-tractAnalyzerMacResults'

Merged commits:

2013-10-16 16:04:20 Thomas Van Bruggen [fe75c0]
unable one test condition

2013-10-16 16:00:07 Thomas Van Bruggen [55e768]
balanced cost function

2013-10-16 15:46:02 Thomas Van Bruggen [819da6]
print cost function values

2013-10-09 17:40:39 Thomas Van Bruggen [4e9571]
set search to full neighborhood

2013-10-09 17:40:09 Thomas Van Bruggen [246dd5]
fixed setting the point set if a point set is loaded instead of by clicking points

2013-10-09 17:38:32 Thomas Van Bruggen [0406f3]
take into account spacing and give more weight to value of the voxels

2013-10-09 17:37:59 Thomas Van Bruggen [70062c]
added setter for m_Graph_fullNeighbors to enable searching the full neighborhood

2013-10-09 15:00:34 Thomas Van Bruggen [82d11e]
added debug info

[4b22ae]: Merge branch 'bug-16015-tractAnalyzerMacResults'

Merged commits:

2013-10-16 17:31:31 Thomas Van Bruggen [b837a4]
removed loading of unneccessary reference roi

2013-10-16 16:57:24 Thomas Van Bruggen [6c1a28]
clean code

2013-10-16 16:56:19 Thomas Van Bruggen [6c93e9]
compare the cost of the path instead of the path itself

2013-10-16 16:55:55 Thomas Van Bruggen [997343]
provide a method that returns the cost of the calculated ROI