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Crash when starting MITK Workbench for the first time
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Currently the first start of the MITK Workbench will crash on Windows. It should not.

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First check if this is the same issue as 15078 . Specifically whether someone accidentaly reverted the changes which fixed that issue.

It seems like this bug is related to the plugin list created by the ctkPlugin framework. At a certain point, which is not clearly reproducable yet, the plugin list is corrupted and the execution crashes, but only after /BlueBerry.clean.

Switching off all plugins helps to eliminate the crash.

Next step is to systematically add the plugins until the crash occurs again.

I tested whether changing the ITK_NO_IO_FACTORY_REGISTER_MANAGER behaviour affects the bug. Unfortunately neither 1 nor 0, nor forcing one execution of the MITK_ITK_CONFIG.cmake with 0 and subsequent ones with 1 changed the crash in any way.

The ContourModelIOFactory stuff does not play nice when being loaded and un-loaded again during runtime (this happens on a clean workbench start-up).

New remote branch pushed: bug-16036-fix-contourmodel-iofactory

[670e72]: Merge branch 'bug-16036-fix-contourmodel-iofactory'

Merged commits:

2013-09-19 06:22:35 Sascha Zelzer [574e6a]
Correctly unregister factories when unloading the library.

Please verify the fix and close the bug if the issue is resolved.

It does not crash on start up (Windows) anymore. Closing bug.