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Otsu thresholding mechanism does not work properly
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When the Otsu thresholding tool is selected in the segmentation plugin it is not possible to select another tool without first clicking on Otsu again.

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New remote branch pushed: bug-16109-OtsuDeselection

[a002a6]: Merge branch 'bug-16109-OtsuDeselection'

Merged commits:

2013-09-18 17:19:37 Thomas Van Bruggen [75c8a7]
added missing call to Deactivated method of superclass

Still not working on Mac. There is a call ActivateTool(-1) in the Deactivated function which seems to cause this behavior

[174d30]: Merge branch 'bug-16109-deactivate-otsu-tool-properly'

Merged commits:

2013-09-23 14:50:01 Andreas Fetzer [fdf5fc]
Removed wrong ActivateTool call from Deactivated function. This is done automatically by the toolmanager