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Inconsistent naming in Data Manager Widget
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In the Data Manager widget, there are two different labels:
In the tab it is labeled "Datamanager",
in the header of the tree view just below it is labeled "Data Manager",
which is inconsistent.

Following suggestions:

  • Use "Data Manager" as name as it is not common to concatenate nouns in english.
  • Only use description in tab as the same text in the tree header just below the tab label is redundant.

Event Timeline

New remote branch pushed: bug-16116-DataManagerNaming

I renamed "Datamanager" to "Data Manager" and set the tree view header hidden.

Awaiting release_fix flag.

[fc2746]: Merge branch 'bug-16116-DataManagerNaming'

Merged commits:

2013-09-25 15:30:26 Stefan Kislinskiy [44e25d]
Data manager name is "Data Manager" now and the header of the tree view is hidden.

As Miklos states, in the preference page it is still spelled DataManager and in plugin QmitkPointBasedRegistrationView ln 204 the iWorkbenchPart is compared to "DataManager" so the selection in data manager doesn't activate the functionality of the plugin anymore.
Reopen and quickfix?


The in code comparisons have been fixed in T16574. Reopening this bug for a quick fix of the preference page spelling.

New remote branch pushed: bug-16116-preference-page-should-comply-to-new-naming-scheme

[ddc3e3]: Merge branch 'bug-16116-preference-page-should-comply-to-new-naming-sc

Merged commits:

2013-12-04 14:11:33 Caspar Goch [8bde24]
Renamed the preference page