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3D Interpolation produces a box
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Draw some contours in slices of one renderwindow and activate the 3D interpolation. The yellow interpolation preview is some kind of a box. See attached image.

3D-Interpolation-Box.png (1×1 px, 425 KB)

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Example images in E130-Daten/temp/Michael/BugData/

This bug was not fixed within in the release 2013.12 but should be fixed within the next release

New remote branch pushed: bug-16184-3d-interpolation-produces-box

[5283ed]: Merge branch 'bug-16184-3D-interpolation-box-integration'

Merged commits:

2014-01-14 13:16:14 Andreas Fetzer [ae795c]
Fixed warning

2014-01-14 13:15:46 Andreas Fetzer [112b5f]
Merge branch 'bug-16184-3d-interpolation-produces-box' into bug-16184-3D-interpolation-box-integration


2014-01-12 17:56:25 Andreas Fetzer [65ff6b]
Restored old behaviour which does not produce a box