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time-out on loading multiple executable causes non to load in CTK-CLI
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if a number of executable or a larger one is loaded "process operation timed out" - errors may occur on requesting the xml data.

This causes empty XML-files to be cached.

Once a cache entry exists the CLI does not try to retrieve the xml data again. This means, once an integration failed it will always fail.

Including the following snippet in
CTK-src\Libs\CommandLineModules\Core\ctkCmdLineModuleManager.cpp (line 183ff)
may solve this.

if (xml.isEmpty() && fromCache)

  // newly fetch the XML description
    xml = backend->rawXmlDescription(location);
  catch (...)
    // cache the failed attempt
    d->ModuleCache->cacheXmlDescription(location, newTimeStamp, QByteArray());

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additionally change !process.waitForFinished() to !process.waitForFinished(-1) in
ctkCmdLineModuleBackendLocalProcess::rawXmlDescription() (line 174 in D:\Dipp\bin\MITK-superbuild\CTK-src\Libs\CommandLineModules\Backend\LocalProcess\ctkCmdLineModuleBackendLocalProcess.cpp)

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