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Interpolation widget is still enabled after a segmentation was deleted
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After a segmentation was deleted, the segmentation tools are disabled because no segmentation is selected anymore.

However, the interpolation widget is still enabled until one tries to select another interpolation mode.

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This bug was not fixed within in the release 2013.12 but should be fixed within the next release

New remote branch pushed: bug-16220-interpolationWidgetDeactivation

[d9ea62]: Merge branch 'bug-16220-interpolationWidgetDeactivation'

Merged commits:

2014-03-13 11:43:30 Michael Brehler [ea3500]
update to new master

2014-01-29 17:21:08 Michael Brehler [e5fef5]
interpolation widget is deactivated when ever the tools are deactivated