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suspicious memory leak in open source segmentation plugin
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after an intense segmentation session on a laptop (4GB RAM on a 64 Bit win7 machine) the memory consumption increases by every usage of a segmentation tool. No matter which 2D tools I use (Paint, RegionGrowing, Add etc) the memory usage goes up aprox. 1% (!) every slice segmented. Segmenting a large object (aprox. 500 slices) slice by slice is only possible by saving in the middle and starting up the workbench again.
I thought about Undo history, did a few undo's and added a new slice to segmentation which should clear the redo history but that didn't free the memory at all. So maybe a memory leak in the (awsome) redesigned segmentation plugin?

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rising prio to medium as it makes segmentation of a large amount of 2D slices impossible