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Autoselection of segmenations with different geomtry - missing reinit warning
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Load two images with different geometry and create a segmentation for both. If autoselection is activated (preferences - segmentation) selecting the segmentations in the data manager does not result in a warning a deactivation of the tools.

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New remote branch pushed: bug-16608-AutoselectionDifferentGeomtryReinitWarining

The problem was solved by calling the method RenderingManagerReinitialized() when datamanager selection changes. This method had to be modified so that it checks the corner points of the boundingbox in worldcoordinates instead of just checking the boundingbox coordinates (same sized images with different origin => check did not fail).

Current release is finished. Reseting target milestone...

[a2afcc]: Merge branch 'bug-16608-AutoselectionDifferentGeomtryReinitWarining'

Merged commits:

2013-12-04 17:18:06 Michael Brehler [d110c3]
now RenderingManagerReinitialized checks the corner points of the bounding box and not the bounding box indices