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Style sheet customization overwritten by QmitkSegmentationUtilitiesViewControls
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In QmitkSegmentationUtilitiesViewControls.ui a stylesheet is set (icon-size:32px 32px). Open file in QT Designer and filter properties for style to reproduce.

If you theme the application (e.g. dark) the set style property overwrites the given theme which results in standard coloring (everything is dark except of the SegmentationUtilities Plugin).

Please move the setting from ui file to default style qss file or so as all other plugins abandon setting the property that way.

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Event Timeline

raising importance of the bug because this blocks customization of the plugin

[088e9c]: Merge branch 'bug-16748-AllowingStyleSheetCustomizationInSegmentationU

Merged commits:

2014-11-19 12:25:10 Ingmar Wegner [55ccf1]
removing gradient background set via local style sheet
in SegmentationUtilitiesView to allow for style sheet customization of the entire application