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ImageStatistics cannot handle masks with a different amount of time steps than the input image
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At the moment, the ImageStatistics view is unable to calculate statistics for an input image and a binary mask if the number of time steps for those two images differs.
However, a common use case is having a mask with only one time step that you want to apply to each time step of the input image.

A better solution than prohibiting the calculation if the time steps differ, would be to always calculate over the input image's current time step with that same time step of the mask image. If the mask does not have that time step, its last available time step should be used instead. Furthermore, the used mask time step should be displayed so the user knows what's happening.

Also, right now the statistics are not recalculated when the time step changes (time slider in image navigator).

Event Timeline

[de98af]: Merge branch 'bug-16770-ImageStatistics-allow-masks-with-less-timestep

Merged commits:

2014-01-16 10:11:35 Sascha Diatschuk [ce6f8a]

  • The number of time steps between masks and images can now be different
  • If the mask does not have the selected time step, its last time step is used instead
  • The used mask time step is displayed in the mask label
  • The statistics are now updated when the time step changes
  • If the mask is empty, the displayed statistics values are set to 0 (was displaying uninitialized variable values)