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Should be possible to build MITK statically
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New remote branch pushed: bug-16926-StaticMitk

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User neher has pushed new remote branch:


Which components may, conceptually, be linked statically? Qt,VTK, ITK, boost, the MITK modules, Blueberry (except for the plugins)?

External dependencies which should just work:

  • ITK
  • VTK
  • Boost
  • ann
  • tinyxml
  • gdcm
  • dcmtk
  • Eigen
  • OpenCV

Qt can in principal be linked statically, but you need to carefully read the Qt license implications.

All MITK modules should in principal be buildable statically. Because some MITK applications require functionality from "auto-loaded" (CppMicroServices terminology) modules, these need to be "imported" in the main executable by using special macros. This was ongoing work and should partly be contained in the linked branch.

Thinks which will not work

  • CTK
  • All CTK base MITK plug-ins, hence BlueBerry and the MITK Workbench

@Peter: is this something that is still mergeable? In general I think this is an important feature, especially for MiniApps. Could you give a status update?

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