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Index coordinates of ImageNavigator and StatusBar inconsistent
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Especially for MRIs the displayed image coordinates are inconsistent. Furthermore the slider direction is inverse for the axial view.

Miklos pointed out this behaviour on the users list. Here is his email:


where do the indexes come from that the image navigator shows?

I assume they should be the discrete indexes calculated from the world position selected in the viewer, but it does not seem to be the case.

The position selected in the image navigator is different than the coordinates shown on the status bar.

Also the QmitkImageNavigatorView.cpp contains this line:


Why is it good to invert the range? Why just the axial?

If the reason is that dragging the slider rightwards should move upwards in world space then I suggest to replace the sliders with ctkSliderWidgets. I added a feature last year to invert the controls for the exact same reason. With this feature, if the controls are inverted then dragging the slider right or hitting up or page up will decrease the value, and in the other way round.

I think it is quite essential to be consequent with the displayed coordinates.


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New task opened under T22113.
I closed PR152, and PR161 for T22113.

This can be closed as a duplicate.

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